GRTU has followed reports in the media where it was stated that 300,000 square meters of space had been granted to Enemalta, so as to be made available to Shanghai Electric Power, at the mere price of Eur 0.50c per square meter.

GRTU is very disappointed by such an announcement after it has been lobbying for Government to make an area of land available to local businesses for PV investments.

Instead of leasing it to local businesses for investment and rehabilitation it was leased to a Chinese company. An area of this size could have easily provided for 2 years’ work for the Maltese enterprises and their employees involved in this sector. It would have made up for the quiet periods this sector experiences when MRA schemes are closed and their staff are idle.

To add insult to injury the price at which the Government owned factory roofs are being offered for lease is Eur 3.35 per square meter. If what is reported in the media is correct, this is almost 7 times more expensive than the rate given to Shanghai Electric Power.

In GRTU’s opinion, this is a case of two weights and two measures, where a foreign company is being given advantageous terms in respect to many local companies.

GRTU is incensed that Maltese businesses are being treated as second class citizens in their own country. GRTU feels that Maltese companies should get first preference by right, ahead of foreign businesses and if there is an opportunity Maltese businesses should always be given first priority.

GRTU is not against foreign direct investment but at least we require that Maltese companies are treated with dignity and given the same opportunities at the same price of foreign businesses.

GRTU demands an official clarification and if the facts are as reported, then GRTU demands corrective action in this regard so that Maltese enterprises are placed on equal footing.


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