Over the last two decades, digital technology and the Internet have reshaped the ways in which content is created, distributed, and accessed. New opportunities have materialised for those that create and produce content (e.g. a film, a novel, a song), for new and existing distribution platforms, for institutions such as libraries, for activities such as research and for citizens who now expect to be able to access content - for information, education or entertainment purposes - regardless of geographical borders.

This new environment also presents challenges. One of them is for the market to continue to adapt to new forms of distribution and use. Another one is for the legislator to ensure that the system of rights, limitations to rights and enforcement remains appropriate and is adapted to the new environment. This consultation focuses on the second of these challenges: ensuring that the EU copyright regulatory framework stays fit for purpose in the digital environment to support creation and innovation, tap the full potential of the Single Market, foster growth and investment in our economy and promote cultural diversity.

For SMEs intellectual property rights are very often underestimated. Very often they are only recognised once an actual problem occurs to their business. However, the voice of SMEs is crucial in the debate about copyrights because they can be on both sides, on the side of the rights holders as well as on the side of the users. Therefore, we would like to present to the Commission the fields in which the current copyrights does not serve the interests of the SMEs anymore or where it could/ should be improved.

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