The Local Council of Had-Dingli has once again preferred Green Mt as its  partner for the collection of recyclables and packaging waste from the locality. The agreement has been reached after discussions held between the parties during which it was acknowledged that over the past five years, the locality has increased its recyclables collection and has also increased its residents` awareness towards further recycling.

The new agreement was signed earlier this week by Green Mt's Chairman Mr Paul Abela and CEO Mr Joe Attard whilst Ms Venera Micallef, Mayor of Had-Dingli Local Council and Deputy Executive Secretary Mark Mallia signed on behalf of the Local Council.

The agreement includes for a twice a week collection of the grey recyclable bag from the Local Council and includes also the emptying of the existing bring in Sites in Had-Dingli with an option to increase these sites if smaller bring-in-Sites on wheels are put in place. Experience has shown over the years that the large dome shaped bring in Sites were not very manageable and also attracted more abuse then the smaller 1100 litre bring in Sites on wheels. In addition the new agreement sees the introduction of a co-mingled collection from the said bring-In-Sites, thus paper, carton, plastic and metal will now be collected together in these bring in Sites making recycling simpler to the community and increasing economies of scale.

The agreement includes an ongoing education campaign within the Locality which would reach across various sectors of the community from the younger to the elder generations. The agreement allows also for any modifications that would need to take place due to the future implementation by Government of the Waste Management Strategy Plan 2014-2020 currently in its early stages.

Speaking at the signing event, Mr Paul Abela Chairman of Green Mt thanked the Local Council of Had Dingli for showing continued support to Green Mt and  pointed out that the Scheme has worked very hard over the years, despite an unfair level playing field, to make sure that morally our generations to come will always remember the good work. Mr Paul Abela continued to state that the environment should always be at heart to everyone as it is there for each and everyone of us to take care off as we all use it every day wherever we are, be it at work or where we spend our free time.

Ms Venera Micallef, Mayor of Had-Dingli noted that recyclable collection has increased over the last two years and the Scheme and the Local Council have now agreed on a new benchmark to be reached by the end of 2015. She also stated that Had-Dingli is one of those Local Councils who is not effected by demographic changes and as such could be handled in a more constructive manner to make sure that even more community residents come on board to recycle not only to reach legal obligations but to also meet moral obligations.

Had-Dingli Local Council currently collects 2.6 tons of recyclables weekly with a new target now set at 3.6 tons weekly. In 2013 The Local Council of Had-Dingli reached a per capita collection of 35.58kg annually. It is also to be noted that in the year 2013 residents have also sent to landfill 893 tons of mixed waste which is under the allocation set by Wasteserv Malta Limited, an allocation of 958tons. Such a feat is only achieved by a few Local Councils only.

Green Mt is an Authorised Packaging Waste Compliance Scheme, a fully owned subsidiary of the Malta Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises, GRTU, permitted by the Competent Authority MEPA, and set up with the aim of meeting environmental obligations on behalf of its producer members  within the Business Community. 

Green Mt can be contacted during office hours on 21496965/66.


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