In March 2016, the Maltese Government together with the private sector has set up the Mriehel Enterprise Zone Foundation, a Private Public Partnership (PPP). The idea initiated by the private sector was set up to give a makeover to the Mriehel Industrial Estate. Both the private and public sphere of this partnership will fork out equal amounts of investment to make the in-dustrial estate a state of the art business hub. Within this Foundation, GRTU will be representing smaller size operators through President Paul Abela, who acts as one of the members of the Foundation.


GRTU has signed a shareholders’ agreement with the Water Services Corporation to develop two solar farms to be utilised by the commercial sector on the Corporation’s land. Through this agreement a company has been es-tablished with the name of Malta Energy Ltd.

Minister Konrad Mizzi responsible for energy and water conservation exclaimed that the two solar farms will be constructed over reservoirs at Ta’ Cenc in Gozo and an-other in Mellieha in Malta.They will jointly generate a minimum of 1 megawatt of electricity.


GRTU has today published it's annual Business Performance Survey.

Overall, results have been positive with 36% of respondents claiming that their sales in 2016 increased by between 1 and 30% over sales in 2015 and 29% claiming that they did worse that 2015. The remaining 36% claimed that their turnover was identical to that of 2015.


During the first Executive Council meeting for the year 2019, Paul Abela has been confirmed as GRTU President for the year 2019.

The Executive Council also elected GRTU’s 6 Vice Presidents as follows:

Vice President Policy and Strategy

Philip Fenech

Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure, Business Consultancy Services

Vice president Finance and Administration

Marcel Mizzi

E-Commerce, Web & Software Developer

Vice President Sectors

Sergio Camilleri

Petrol Station owner, Auto Parts, Auto Dealer, Rent a Car & Panel Beater

Vice President Districts and Localities

Michael Galea

Auto Dealer, Importer & Repairs, Auto Service Station, Marketing Advisor & Real Estate

Vice President International Relations

Joseph Zerafa

Importer and retailer of Brown Goods. 

Vice President Training and Development

Noel Gauci

Renewable Energy, Culinary Products.

Council 2019final

Moreover, GRTU’s Members on the Executive Council for the year 2019 are:

Bezzina Matthew

Transport & Logistics / Chauffer Service

Cutajar Patrick

IT Consultant

Debono Mario

Pharmacy Owner, Pharmaceutical Importer, Healthcare IT Provider & Property Developer

Fenech Alfred

Jewellery Importer, Manufacturer & Retailer & Restauranteur

Fino Dino

Importer & Retailer of Home & Contract Furniture

Galea Stephen

President Socjeta` Vitikultura, Agriculture, Farmer & Vine Grower

Haber Joan

Manufacturer of Artistic Crafts & Ceramic Goods, Event Organizer, Crafts Council Representative

Micallef Marthese

Importer & Retailer of  Toiletries & Detergents

Vella Salvu

Cargo Haulier (Burdnar), Customs Clearance Agent & Forwarder, Shipping & Travel Agent & VRT

Zammit Carmel

Cargo Haulier (Burdnar)





















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