GRTU had insisted that in line with the Electricity Directive 2003/54/EC the Malta Resources Authority had to approve of any proposed tariff revisions before they are published by Government. We are therefore very pleased that this time round things are being done according to the Directive.

On these lines GRTU sent a letter to the Malta Resources Authority to ask for an urgent appointment to discuss the new tariffs being proposed by Enemalta. GRTU quoted part of the Directive:


All Community Industry and commerce, including small and medium-sized enterprises, and all Community citizens that enjoy the economic benefits of the internal market should also be able to enjoy high levels of consumer protection, and in particular households and, where Member States deem it appropriate, small enterprises should also be able to enjoy public service guarantees, in particular with regard to security of supply and reasonable tariffs, for reasons of fairness, competitiveness and indirectly to create employment.

For too long a time small businesses in Malta, especially those with a high electricity content, have not been given reasonable tariffs with dire consequences on their competitiveness and employment capabilities. GRTU urges you to give this matter your most utmost consideration, particularly due to the prevailing current economic conditions suffered by many small and medium enterprises.

GRTU requested an urgent meeting with the MRA in order to discuss the above and how this is reflected in the new tariffs being proposed by Enemalta and the Malta Resources Authority's decision in this regard. GRTU is till today awaiting feedback and we will keep you posted on the outcome of the meeting.


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